Center for Social Science Research
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Web Surveys

If you are considering a Web-based Survey, we offer design, programming and deployment on a secure Linux based server using the OnQ survey software. These surveys provide:

  • Skips and branching
  • The use of multi-media question prompts (i.e., audio, image or video as well as text).
  • Randomization of question or response order
  • Sample contact and follow-up
  • Quality assurance, including real-time sample and data monitoring
  • Multi-lingual presentation


How much will a Web-based survey cost?

Like telephone surveys, Web based survey costs vary depending on a number of factors such as:

  • The length and complexity of the questionnaire
  • The number of completed surveys desired
  • Use of multi-media question prompts
  • Languages
  • The source of the sample
  • Need for help with questionnaire design
  • Need for help with data cleaning, analysis or report writing.


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