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9-1-1 Call Center Surveys

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APCO & The 9-1-1 Industry NEED YOUR HELP! 

APCO Project Retains is a Staffing and Retention Tool Kit For Public Safety Communications Center Managers.  We need your help in designing the next generation of this project. 

There are powerful tools in the Project Retains toolkit that are designed to provide useful information that can be used to improve 9-1-1 Call Center operations.  To update this tool, we need your participation in a survey designed for 9-1-1 Call Center Directors and Employees.  

With the help of the Center for Social Science Research at George Mason University, APCO International is requesting feedback from 9-1-1 Call Center Directors and Employees across the country to help develop the next generation of the APCO Retains toolkit.

If you are a 9-1-1 Call Center Director, please click here.

If you are a 9-1-1 Call Center Employee, please click here.

The survey registration number requested at the beginning of each survey is printed at the bottom of the postcard received by your 9-1-1 Call Center Director.  This number will only be used to track those who do not complete the survey online.

If you need your registration number or have any questions, please contact our office at 703.993.8544 or  Thank you for your support! 


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