Community-Based Participatory Research

Community-Based Participatory Research Image

The Center for Social Science Research is committed to working with students, residents, organizations, county, and other groups to assist in improving the quality of life and the living situation of Northern Virginia’s diverse populations and communities.  The center is strengthening its community-university partnerships by using a community-based strategy that combines research, action, collaboration, and capacity building. 

The center strives to engage the community through an entire research and implementation process. This process includes multiple, sequenced steps: the identification of problems; the development of research instruments; data collection, analysis, and interpretation; presentation of findings; and implementation of action plans.

We believe that when we work with the community on an issue collaboratively, each partner brings different skills, strengths, perspectives, and resources. If these are combined, they can more effectively meet the goals of the community.

For its part, the university brings resources and expertise in research methods, data collection and analysis. Under the auspices of the center, the university can provide training that builds capacity and enables all groups to meet their long term. See Prospective Clients section for more information on how we can serve you.