Surveys and Interviewing

Surveys and Interviewing Image

The Center is available to do traditional paper surveys, web surveys, as well as interviews and focus groups. If you are interested in the use of surveys for your research, please see our Prospective Clients section for more information on how we can serve you.

Telephone Surveys

The Center for Social Science Research operates a survey research lab that specializes in web-based survey instruments and Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI). Formerly known as the Northern Virginia Survey Research Laboratory, this recently upgraded lab has 10 PC-based interviewing stations with a fully featured web-based CATI system allowing for sophisticated questionnaire design, including skips and branching, randomization of question or response order, piping, voice capture, sample and quote management.

Interviews and focus groups

The Center for Social Science Research is available to conduct interviews and focus group research. This qualitative research method involves organised discussion with a selected group of individuals to gain information about their views and experiences of a topic. CSSR staff, working together with Mason students and Social Work Faculty, conducted preliminary research regarding health disparities in three community health clinics that serve the uninsured, immigrant, and low-income populations in Fairfax County. The team conducted analysis on surveys, interviews and focus groups.