Phone Surveys

If you are considering a Phone Survey, we currently run 15 PC-based interviewing stations on a fully featured CATI system. This includes:

  • Skip patterns and branching
  • Randomization of question or response order
  • Piping
  • Sample and quote management, including scheduling callbacks, recording of call dispositions, automatic time zone adjustment
  • Quality assurance, including productivity reports and call monitoring
  • Multi-lingual interviewing staff


How much will a telephone survey cost?

Telephone survey costs vary depending on a number of important characteristics of the survey. To find out how much your survey would cost, we would need to consider factors such as:

  • The length and complexity of the questionnaire
  • Geographic coverage
  • The number of completed surveys desired
  • Languages
  • The source of the sample
  • Need for help with questionnaire design
  • Need for help with data cleaning, analysis or report writing.