About the Center

Victoria Hoverman, CSSR Research Fellow
Victoria Hoverman, CSSR Research Fellow

The Center for Social Science Research (CSSR) is a multidisciplinary research center within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. The center draws on faculty from various disciplines—sociology, anthropology, public policy, psychology, communication, and others—who bring their expertise to bear on some of the most pressing social, behavioral, and political problems facing contemporary society.

The Center provides a platform that brings together social science theories and methods to conduct state-of-the-art research on important social problems and basic social science questions. Studies conducted by the center employ a range of quantitative and qualitative research methods including survey research, focus groups, interviews, and analysis based on leading social indicators.

CSSR is located on the George Mason University Fairfax Campus.  The CSSR offices are located in Commerce ll Building, Suite 4200.  We are proud to have a survey lab, including 10 stations, also on the Fairfax Campus.  Digital assets include qualitative and quantitative analysis software. 

The Center is a member of the National Consortium of Social Science Research Centers and Institutes and the Association of Academic Survey Research Organizations.