Global South Research Hub

The Global South Hub is a meeting place for faculty, students, alumni, and others to foster research on the Global South, which we consider as all those spaces and people, including in the United States, that are in the peripheries of the world order. Global solidarity networks, such as the Bandung Conference, have historically served as the meeting points of people in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Pacific Islands, to reflect on and imagine their position in the world. We hope to continue this tradition and think of the hub as a safe and inspiring space for us to share our work and support and cooperate with one another and look for like-minded people elsewhere. Our research topics vary from globalization and new subjectivities, global dispossessions, Afro-Asian solidarities, the Syrian refugee crisis, digital colonialism, humanitarian aid and human rights, to name a few. Along with workshops discussing critical methodologies, research overlaps, and ideas for collaboration, in the future, we intend to apply for grants for transnational research, engage with other similar groups and organizations,  invite scholars, and fund students. 

Interested in joining the Global South Research Hub?

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