CSSR Land Acknowledgement

The Center for Social Science Research affirms the University’s Land Acknowledgement Statement, is committed to anti-racism in research and recognizes the indelible bond of the past to our present, as we imagine and work for better collective futures.

Land Acknowledgement Statement

Land acknowledgment engages all present in an ongoing indigenous protocol to enact meaningful, reciprocal relationships with ancestors and contemporary tribal nations. As a state university, we have a responsibility to include and support indigenous communities and sovereign tribes in our work.

At the place George Mason University occupies, we give greetings and thanksgivings

to these Potomac River life sources,

to the Doeg ancestors, who Virginia annihilated in violent campaigns while ripping their lands apart with the brutal system of African American enslavement,

to the recognized Virginia tribes who have lovingly stewarded these lands for millennia including the Rappahannock, Pamunkey, Upper Mattaponi, Chickahominy, Eastern Chickahominy, Nansemond, Monacan, Mattaponi, Patawomeck, and Nottaway, past, present, and future, and

to the Piscataway tribes, who have lived on both sides of the river from time immemorial.