National Landing/Amazon’s HQ2 project

  • Created a database/annotated bibliography of sources about National Landing and development Amazon’s HQ2 including news articles from 2018 to present, National Landing BID’s website, National Landing BID’s YouTube page, National Landing BID’s social media accounts: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages and peer-reviewed journal articles about Amazon.
  • Planned, organized, and executed all- day “Corporate Community Development: National Landing and Beyond Workshop: Organized sessions/presentations thematically, with keynote: Alex Monea, Assisted Professor, English Department, GMU.
  • Researched papers included: “National Landing and Housing Justice” and “The Aesthetics of Planned Corporate Development: A Content Analysis of @NationalLanding.”
  • Created an annotated bibliography about the Wagah/Attari border.
  • Hosted a “National Landing” fieldtrip.
  • Conducted research on gentrification caused by smart city initiatives.
  • Wrote the network catalyst grant for seed funding.