GusNIP and D.C. Produce Plus Food Access Program Evaluations

CSSR faculty affiliate, Dr. Katie Kerstetter led two program evaluations projects in AY 2023: GusNIP and D.C. Produce Plus. The following activities were completed: developed, administered and analyzed program participant surveys for GusNIP and Produce Plus; conducted and analyzed interview, focus group with DC Produce Plus participants, GusNIP farmers market participants, and farmers market produce retailers in DMV, and observation on GusNIP and Produce Plus farmers market locations. Identified key facilitating factors and barriers to equitable program implementation and program access for DC Produce Plus and GusNIP. Developed evaluation report and recommendations for program improvements for Produce Plus and GusNIP. The DC Produce Plus Direct, a state-funded, community-based farmers market incentive program coordinated by DC Department of Health and local community-based organization, FRESHFARM to provide access to free produce to DC residents who qualify for at least one government assistance program (e.g., SNAP, WIC, TANF, and Medicaid). The GusNIP program (also administered by the non-profit FRESHFARM) and DC Produce program’s both have the goal to reduce food insecurity in historically marginalized and racially segregated communities in DC, and support and strengthen local food procurement and local food supply chains through farmers markets.


An article was published in April 2023 in the peer reviewed journal: Agriculture and Human Values based on the 2021 program evaluation report. Three graduate students and one undergraduate student were hired to assist with program evaluation research. The research project is ongoing.