Inaugural Global South Graduate Student Conference - Call for Papers

Tuesday, February 15, 2022 11:59 PM
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Inaugural Global South Graduate Student Conference - Call for Papers

Global South Possibilities: Exploring Linkages, Building Solidarity.

The Global South Research Hub, housed within Center for Social Science Research (CSSR) at George Mason University, is organizing its inaugural Global South Graduate Student Conference in Spring 2022 on May 5-6, 2022 scheduled to be held virtually over Zoom.

Global South has come to represent those spaces and people, cartographically and epistemologically that are on the periphery of the world social order, through the history of post-16th-century global capitalism, colonialism, empire, and contemporary neoliberalism. Global south solidarity networks such as the Bandung Conference served as the meeting point for nations and people to reflect on and imagine their position in the world. These networks created political spaces for anticolonial and anti-apartheid resistance, and imagined a collective future imbued with postcolonial camaraderie. These emancipatory visions never materialized. Through this graduate student conference, we hope to regenerate some of those old visions of solidarity, while global capitalism and its perspectives continue to shape the world unequally. Beyond a place of critique, we want to envisage a world where the South-South dialogues will create unexpected connections and possibilities of solidarity. There is a dignity and importance in the ‘global south’ – it carries with it the weight of most of the world but also a sense of possibility.

We invite papers that look at any part of the world through the lens of the global south, through its methodologies, knowledges, paradigms, histories, sociologies, and anthropologies. While we value comparisons and transnational connections, all papers from all parts of the world written with the global south as a state of mind are welcome.


  • Dispossessions and displacement

  • Resistance and power

  • Theoretical and historical considerations

  • Methodological questions

  • Nature

  • Marginalities, edges within the Global South

  • Populism and politics

  • Diasporas

  • Transnational connections

  • Comparisons

  • Building solidarity

  • Political economy

  • Mobilizations and mobility

  • Production of knowledge

  • Digital world

We are inviting submissions of abstracts by February 15, 2022, from current graduate students at any stage of their study, across disciplines within humanities and social sciences, from any part of the world. We will notify you about acceptance by February 25, 2022. We are also inviting draft papers from students with accepted abstracts to be submitted for the best student paper awards competition by April 10, 2022. The award will carry a cash prize of $300 for the winner and $200 for runner up, along with a certificate.

Note: The submission of papers is only for the award and is not a requirement for the conference. All students with accepted abstracts will be invited to make conference presentations.

Please submit a 250-word abstract with your name and academic affiliation by February 15, 2022. Any questions or concerns may be addressed to:


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