"Common Preservation" with Jeremy Brecher

Next System Speaker Series at Mason

Thursday, April 28, 2022 7:30 PM to 9:15 PM EDT
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Jeremy Brecher, author of "Common Preservation: In a Time of Mutual Destruction," joins us online via Zoom for Mason's 2022 Next System Speaker Series.

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Common Preservation in a Time of Mutual Destruction

As world leaders eschew cooperation to address climate change, nuclear proliferation, economic meltdown, and other threats to our survival, more and more people experience a pervasive sense of dread and despair. Is there anything we can do? What can put us on the course from mutual destruction to common preservation? In the past, social movements have sometimes made rapid and unexpected changes that countered apparently incurable social problems. Jeremy Brecher presents scores of historical examples of people who changed history by adopting strategies of common preservation, showing what we can we learn from past social movements to better confront today’s global threats of climate change, war, and economic chaos.

In Common Preservation, Brecher shares his experiences and what he has learned that can help ward off mutual destruction and provides a unique heuristic—a tool kit for thinkers and activists—to understand and create new forms of common preservation.

To register, please visit: https://forms.gle/dWM9aHr4gn9L7nqH9

Hosted by Next System Studies at Mason.

Sponsored by Center for Social Science Research, Movement Engaged Research Hub, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Arlington Fellows at Mason.

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