Elizangela Storelli

Elizangela Storelli

Elizangela Storelli

Associate Professor

Sociology of aging, including global population aging, well-being and retirement, sociology of family, gender inequality, international development, Latin and America, and quantitative studies.

Elizangela Storelli received her MA in Sociology from American University with an emphasis on global sociology and her Ph.D. in Sociology from Boston College with emphases in aging and family studies. Her dissertation focused on family support and well-being of older adults in Latin America. More broadly, her research focuses on the interplay of social support, family support and well-being among individuals and families in both a local and global context.

Her recent research is on the ways community interventions promote protective factors for older adult well-being. She has worked  collaboratively with Fairfax County leadership to develop a county-wide asset model for older adult well-being.

Courses Taught

SOCI 101: Introductory Sociology

SOCI 120: Globalization and Society

SOCI 303: Methods and Logic of Inquiry

SOCI 309: Contemporary Families and Intimate Relationships

SOCI 313: Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

SOCI 320: Globalization and Social Change

SOCI 485: Sociological Analysis and Practice

SOCI 620: Methods and Logic of Social Inquiry