Summer 2015 Projects at U.O.K

Karachi Mega-City Survey 2015

Survey Instrument Development

Over a two week period in May and June of 2015, Partnership personnel met at the University of Karachi to finalize the six forms making up the survey instrument.  English versions of the forms are provided below.  Currently the instrument is being translated into Urdu with data collection slated to begin in August 2015.


Form No.

Title of Questionnaire

Question Range



Household Information

English Version

Q1 – Q32

Syed Shabib ul Hassan, Khalid Iraqi, James Witte, Mehtab Karim

Syed Shabib ul Hassan, Khalid Iraqi, James Witte, Mehtab Karim


Water & Sanitation

English Version

Q33 – Q57

Tehmina Faisal and Mustafa Hyder

Tehmina Faisal, Mustafa Hyder



English Version

Q58 – Q77

Sobia Iqbal, Syeda Hoorulain Naqvi 

Sobia Iqbal, Syeda Hoorulain Naqvi




English Version

Q78 – Q99

Wasif Ali, Munazza Danish, Roohi Hasan 

Wasif Ali, Munazza Danish, Roohi Hasan



English Version

Q100 – Q117

Shamila Burney 

Shamila Burney



 English Version

Q118 – Q157

Survey team


Survey sample field work plan

The Karachi office of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics will provide us a random sample of 130 blocks selected from the universe of 13,000 blocks in the city. Each block will contain 250 to 300 households. We will then systematically sample a target of 23 households in each block for a total sample of 2,990 households. With an expected response rate of 90% we should have a complete sample of 2,691 households.

We will use 6 teams of interviewers. Each team will be made up of 1 experienced Census interviewer/supervisor and 6 students, 3 male and 3 female. The supervisor will manage students and introduce the project to the area. We will attempt to recruit supervisors who have worked in blocks in our sample. Each interview team will travel together in a van with a driver. We expect that each team will complete the 23 households in a block in a day. They will then return the completed surveys to the Department of Public Administration where team personnel will be responsible for checking in the surveys for data entry.

We then estimate that the survey project can be completed in 130 team days. With 6 teams this will be done in a minimum of 22 work days. For budgeting purposes we will use 25 work days for each team, providing each team an extra 3 days to allow for unforeseen difficulties. Thus the budget is based on a total of 150 team days.